Touring Productions

We are specialists in safety management for touring productions, it's a work staple for us, usually for arena level tours and above but we can accommodate any level of touring production, one-off show or event. 

Our aim is to ensure a happy and safe and smooth running production that is legally compliant, we are not killjoys, we solve problems and do not just say no! 

     Stage, PA Wings, FOS Barrier and Pen Systems, Video Walls (Taken from FOH Mix Position)

Our service, first of all, provides all of your required safety documentation that includes:

a) a combined tour safety management plan and health and safety policy

b) risk assessments and method statements that are not provided by your vendors and contractors (such as those to cover your freelance crew members) 

c) your CDM (Construction Design Management Regulations) documents

d) We help you with your vendor/contractor pre-procurement process by assessing contractor safety competencies. This has to be done prior to their appointment not after, we need to ensure your contractors are "safety competent" before they are appointed not after! The pre-qualification questionnaire is included in the package. Click here for details.

e) We check your freelancers have the correct insurance in place and are competent. 

f) We attend Production Rehearsals to get to know everyone and ensure everything is in place and operating smoothly as planned, we are there to get rid of any remaining problems and niggles at this stage 

g) We ensure you have simple and effective safety management systems and procedures in place and site or tour safety rules and that they are fully implemented. We insist it is done correctly, we do not (unlike some) turn blind eyes when it comes to safety.  

We can have a fully qualified, experienced, insured and competent safety consultant present during the tour to monitor and keep records. 

It never ceases to amaze us how many tours take place without any safety management systems or controls in place, the reason is almost always somebody not allowing sufficient or in many cases any budget for safety, they wrongly presume an accident will not take place, all too often they put profit before peoples lives! 

Several members of our extended touring family are no longer with us, we do not want anyone else to suffer this way.

In the UK, venues do not insist on high safety standards, some still only ask for certificates for rigging motors and forget the rest of the rigging equipment that must also be certified as safe. Venues do not want to put promoters off hiring their facilities so they only ask for the bare minimum! Venues are usually licenced on an annual basis, it is unusual for the HSE or Local Authority to visit a visit at any other time so inspections are rare. 

After a lack of budget, We find that two of the biggest enemies to safety are complacency and arrogance, we ask Production Managers to be prepared to make changes, the same old ways are not the best and safest ways and don't think you are your crew always know best because when it comes to safety, that is why you employ us. We are fully professional, we do not tell you how to do your job but we will ask that you be prepared to make a few simple changes to manage safety in a professional manner, we simply ask that you be professional with us. We may be different to other health and safety consultants you have known.  

In the first instance, give Chris a call on 07831 437062 for a friendly, informal no-obligation chat. We will then provide you with a simple questionnaire to obtain more details that are required for your documents. Document production is usually priced at £1200 + VAT

Please click here to see our Fees for our Services page for more details.