Touring Productions

We are specialists in safety management for touring productions, it's a work staple for us, usually for arena level tours and above but we can accommodate any level of touring production, one-off show or event. 

Our aim is to ensure a happy and safe and smooth running production that is legally compliant, we are not killjoys, we solve problems and do not just say no! 

Festival Stage Layout     Stage, PA Wings, FOS Barrier and Pen Systems, Video Walls (Taken from FOH Mix Position)

Our work has to start early on for a tour of any size, we centre on concept planning and design and we have to become embedded with the whole touring party so we can work with a real passion for the tour ahead of us and as your partner. To be really effective, we need to be involved as a cornerstone in your event at an early stage of your management planning, to help raise the standard of your operations safety culture we need to become embedded as part of your core team, to advise on things like site suitability, scheduling, planning, contractor procurement, health and safety competence and management, we must not be a "bolt-on extra" towards the end of the planning stage.

Communication is vital, we have to have all stakeholders onside to achieve compliance, we have to have very well evidenced systems and processes to prove compliance in all areas of the operation. This evidence is your "get out of jail free cards" that prove you have done things correctly. Our role is to ensure you have all the right cards that prove you have in place a suitable health and safety management system. We can help and show you what to do but we can't do it all for you, nobody can do that for you despite their claims. 

It is important to understand that just having a policy and a handful of risk assessments is not going to make your tour safe, certain things need changing and that requires some work on behalf of the promotor, event organiser or production manager. We can't always do this work for you, it has to be done by you, we can produce your documents but that also requires you to provide us with information, this needs to be done when we require it and not when you think it necessary, to make things simple we request you complete simple questionnaires with the required information. 

What is required is usually properly conducted risk assessments that will show exactly what needs to be changed and how it needs changing. For a start, we produce the Tour Safety Management Plan and Safety Policy, which sets out what needs to be done and how it will be done and by who. you may not have bothered with PPE previously, now crew, (including backline techs) will need PPE including safety footwear and high viz tabards, an Accident Book needs to be kept and everyone needs basic safety awareness training. For arena shows, the modular stage provided by the venue will require Equipotential bonding and riggers should hold the National Rigging Certificate. Perhaps the most important change will be a pre-qualification questionnaire to access the competency of contractors before they are appointed. How else can you prove you have appointed competent contractors? Appointing by the cheapest quote is a thing of the past and will not keep you out of jail.  

One of our roles is to be the constant external irritant, we are continually watching what is being done to ensure safety and that constant progress is being made, we will be pushing you to provide information if necessary and we will be monitoring the process to ensure nothing is pushed onto the back burner and neglected. If necessary we will even be making a few additions to technical riders to ensure things like Equipotential bonding has been carried out to stages at arenas etc to protect your safety. 

Our service provides all of your required safety documentation that includes:

  • Covid-19 Risk Assessments, 

  • All your Health and Safety documentation including Policies, Risk Assessments, Method Statements, Permits to Work, CDM documents

  • Complete Tour Safety Management Services and Monitoring

  • Crisis/Contingency/Emergency Plans

  • Consultancy, Advice and CDM Compliance

  • Inspections, Audits, Debriefing, Reviews, and Accident Investigation 

  • Contractor Safety Competency Assessments including Proquerment and Pre Qualification Questionnaires. Many believe that risk assessing contractors and freelancers is totally unnecessary, this is a very stupid view, contractors, vendors and freelancers all bring with them "foreseeable risks" and therefore must be risk assessed to ensure compliance. This is an often neglected area of health and safety that must be rectified.  

  • Help with Contractor Safety Management Systems including collecting and checking all contractor safety information such as Policies, RAMS, Evidence of Safety Training/Qualifications, Insurance and Equipment Test/Inspection such as LOLER and PAT Testing. 

We attend Production Rehearsals to get to know everyone and ensure everything is in place and operating smoothly as planned, we are there to get rid of any remaining problems and niggles at this stage 

We ensure you have simple and effective safety management systems and procedures in place and that they are fully implemented  

We will have a fully qualified, experienced, insured and competent safety consultant present when required during the tour to monitor, solve problems and keep records

It never ceases to amaze us how many tours take place without any safety management systems or controls in place, the reason is almost always somebody not allowing sufficient (or in many cases any budget) for safety, they wrongly presume an accident will not take place, all too often they put profit before peoples lives! 

Several members of our extended touring family are no longer with us, we do not want anyone else to suffer this way.

Venues do not insist on high safety standards, some still only ask for certificates for rigging motors and forget the rest of the rigging equipment that must also be certified as safe. Venues do not want to put promoters off hiring their facilities so they only ask for the bare minimum! Venues are usually licenced on an annual basis, it is unusual for the HSE or Local Authority to visit a visit at any other time so inspections are rare. 

After a lack of budget, We find that three of the biggest enemies to safety are complacency, arrogance, lack of knowledge and lack of communication at all levels within an organisation. We simply ask Production Managers to be prepared to make changes, the same old ways are not the best or safest ways and don't think you or are your crew know best because when it comes to safety, you employ us to know that.  

In the first instance, give Chris a call on 07831 437062 for a friendly, informal no-obligation chat. We will then provide you with a simple questionnaire to obtain more details that are required for your documents. Document production including the Tour Safety Management Plan and Policy, Generic Risk Assessments and CDM Documentation.  is usually priced at £1500 + VAT. 

When we start looking at contractors and vendors we first start by sending all contractors and vendors a Pre Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) with their request to quote. This is filled in and returned to us with all enclosures so we can assess your vendors for health and safety competence and then advise you, you may have three of four vendors for the same service and we assess them all, this process only needs doing once and the information held on file for the future. You can select vendors by their proven health and safety competency and not just by price. We understand this may be a surprise to many Tour/Production Managers who normally only consider price but the Law requires all foreseeable hazards to be identified and risk assessed, your contractors are a potential major hazard and must be. Don't worry, we still ensure that price comes into the equation as well as a competency that can be measured and audited and is far more than just an opinion. Freelancers are also put through a similar process to check CVs and Employers or Public Liability Insurance is in place.    

Our fees for this package is normally £1600 + VAT  but are often less if everything is straightforward and is not complex. This fee does not include attending production rehearsals and tour dates. 

Please click here to see our Fees for our Services page for more details.