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Sitting down and grappling with Health and Safety legislation isn’t one of your top priorities when trying to organise an event or tour. It’s fair to say that it’s not one of the more exciting parts of running an event, festival, tour, or business, and it doesn’t bring in any money.

Health and safety can seem like a load of time-consuming nonsense – but it’s so easy to lose sight of the importance of obtaining a License or health and safety management when you are working on your next event or tour. 

However, with the average fine for Health & Safety prosecutions being over £30,000, it can be very costly if you don’t stay on the right side of the law. It's been said many times before but, if you think health and safety is expensive, try having an accident!

                 "We are world experts in tombstone legislation in the UK and have spectacular expertise in hindsight.                                       It's just a shame that those with foresight are deemed to be killjoys and naysayers"                                                                                  Eric Stuart.          Commonwealth Games, 2010.

Opening Ceremony, Commonwealth Games 2010, Delhi, India.

With the benefit of over 35 years of experience, we offer a full range of award-winning and fully professional health and safety management, and premises licensing services to the professional live music and entertainment industries.

We help get your event Licensed (Licensing Act 2003) and help you establish real health and safety management systems, not just a pile of generic paperwork, we help you do the complete job. We help you make your event happen or your business run!  We do not just tick a few boxes and sign things off "on the cheap", if that is what you require, then don't bother us. You may call that being "difficult or awkward", but it's Chris Hannam's way of being legal and honest. If you are sensible you will take it, a fool will leave it. So to be absolutely clear, if you want all your boxes ticked, an armful of generic documents and everything signed off on the cheap you have come to the wrong place, we take our work seriously.  

One of our main roles as health and safety advisors or consultants is to help you achieve auditable safety management systems within your businesses and you can’t audit what you can't measure. Our advice is to follow the HSE Guidance produced in the booklet “Managing for Health and Safety” (HSG65). One of the main roles of safety advisors is to help clients achieve this goal and not just produce policies and RAMS for clients so they, in turn, can present them to their clients or potential clients who will just file them away, not surprisingly, experience has shown this is what most uninformed employers seem to require from a safety advisor. 

We can provide:

  • Safety Consultants and Safety Management Systems 

  • Site Assessments and Planning

  • All your Health and Safety documentation including Policies, Risk Assessments, Method Statements, Permits to Work, CDM documents etc

  • Coordination of Premises License Applications for Events (as required by the Licensing Act 2003) 

  • Complete Tour or Event Safety Management Services

  • Initial Health and Safety Reviews and Appointment of a Competent Person to Advise

  • Festival, Event or Tour Safety Management and On-Site Monitoring for TOURING PRODUCTIONS CLICK HERE and for FESTIVALS AND EVENTS CLICK HERE 

  • Crisis/Contingency/Emergency Plans

  • Consultancy, Advice, and CDM Compliance

  • Inspections, Audits, Reviews, and Accident Investigation 

  • Contractor Safety Competency Assessments including Procurement and Pre Qualification Questionnaires (included automatically with Tour and Event Health and Safety Management Packages)

  • Help with procurement and Contractor Safety Management systems (included automatically with Tour and Event Health and Safety Safety Management Packages), and proven competency assessments of contractors. 

  • Qualified persons to act as part of the Emergency Liaison Team and/or Safety Advisory Group.

‚ÄčAs Event Health and Safety Consultants, we aim to help you prevent accidents, injuries, and illnesses in the workplace. Our role is to create and help you implement health and safety policies following the latest legislation and to ensure that these policies are fully implemented by management and employees. We will also help you promote a positive health and safety culture for your event or organisation. We don't necessarily tell you what you want to hear, we tell you what you need to hear! We can't do it all for you, nobody can do that, but we can empower you to do it all.  

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