Festivals and Events

Please note, we are not currently accepting work for any new festivals, we are only accepting work from established and/or professionally run festivals.

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Our services for festivals and events include:

  • Site assessment;
  • The provision of all your health and safety documentation including a bespoke Event Safety Management Plan and Health, risk assessments and Safety Policy as well as the required CDM documentation for your event;
  • Coordination of the application for a license (as required by the Licensing Act 2003); 
  • Pre-procurement questionnaires and assessments of contractors' health and safety competence prior to them being appointed, (this includes checks of their insurance cover); 
  • Establishing the event health and safety file;  
  • Assisting you to implement the Event Safety Plan, Policy, and risk assessments;
  • Preparation of contingency and emergency plans;
  • Attending the safety advisory group (SAG) meetings, which are usually attended by Zoom or other types of video calls;
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of the safety management system and plan by having a presence on-site during the build, breakdown, and the event its-self;
  • Assistance with contractor management; 
  • Advice on First Aid, fire safety, stewarding, and crowd management;  
  • Accident reporting and accident investigation;
  • Advice and guidance on all matters relating to safety;
  • Being part of the Emergency Liason Team (ELT).

We help you with your vendor/contractor pre-procurement process by assessing contractor safety competencies. This has to be done prior to their appointment not after, we need to ensure your contractors are "safety competent" before they are appointed not after! The pre-qualification questionnaire is included in the package. Click here for details.

Where ever possible the Event Safety Plan and Health and Safety Policy is written as one document in a pragmatic style as opposed to being regulatory and prescriptive, this makes it easier to read and more acceptable, we also produce the all-important emergency and contingency plans that are now a requirement for larger events. 

We can take a horse to water, I'm sure you know the rest of this saying but it's very true, it has to be down to you to implement the Safety Plan and Policy with our help, you will be wasting everyone's time if you don't implement the documents we produce for you and, like it or not, that means you are not legally compliant and the event may not be at all safe.  

To be really effective, we need to be involved as a cornerstone in your event or tour at an early stage of your management planning, to help raise the standard of your operations safety culture we need to become embedded as part of your core team, to advise on things like site suitability, scheduling, planning, contractor procurement, health and safety competence and management, we must not be a "bolt-on extra" towards the end of the planning stage. For an established business we also need to become part of your team to help you map out the road forward, to ensure basic legal requirements are in place, to help and advise with things like culture, competency, training, policy, procedures, and risk assessment. It is absolutely vital that we are introduced to your key staff and that all your employees and freelance staff are fully aware of who we are, and what we do and that they should assist and help us if required, we are friendly and do not bite! This all becomes vital when we are carrying out or coordinating License Applications for events and, to some extent, we need to take the lead to prevent any overlaps or miscommunication.   

In the first instance please contact Chris on 07831 437062 so we can discuss your needs.

We will then send you full instructions and a simple questionnaire to complete and return to us so we have some of the information we need to produce a Safety Management Plan and Health and Safety Policy for your event so that we can fully assist you. Our fees and costs are based on our daily rates, if a quote is required we need to establish exactly how many days in total are required before we can provide a quote, We need to know the scope and nature of the work. Please click here to see the Fees for our Services page. 

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