T&Cs for Training Courses

These Terms and Conditions of business for the supply of training courses by the Company are deemed to be accepted by the Client upon booking of services supplied by the Company.

Where the Company arranges for an instructor to deliver training on the Client’s premises, it is the Client’s responsibility to ensure that they have the facilities available as specified by the Company. The instructor’s word is final.

The Company reserves the right to prevent delegates from attending a course, or to expel them from a course if their behaviour is deemed as inappropriate. The instructor’s word is final.

Where required, the Company must be informed in writing of any medical condition which may affect course candidates or others (e.g. epilepsy). The Company will keep such information confidential. In addition for courses which involve physical activity, it is the responsibility of each trainee to take appropriate medical advice to ensure that they are fit to take part.

The Company aims to provide a full description of each course but cannot be held responsible if a Client books a course that is inappropriate for their requirements. It is up to the Client to read and understand the course content and/or view the presentation prior to booking.

Were a course has been especially produced for a Client it is the Client’s responsibility to ensure that its content meets the Client’s requirements. Courses especially produced for Clients will not normally involve candidate assessments (they are deemed attendance-only courses), however, assessments can be included if requested and the Client provides any required assessment material/question papers. The contents of all course material produced by the Company for Clients remains the copyright of the Company.

All delegates must be able to understand spoken and written English in order to understand a course, as well as the safety instructions on equipment (not just in the training environment but also in the work environment). If a delegate does not meet this requirement, the Company reserves the right to not train the delegate and charge as per the booking agreement. The instructor’s word is final.

The Client will accept full responsibility for all statutory requirements placed upon a Client by the relevant governing bodies and the Acts including the maintenance and safety of vehicles, plant, lifting equipment, protective clothing and all applicable insurances including any loss, injury or damage sustained during the course or training, or arising out of neglect and/or breach of statutory duty by the Client or any other way.

It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure that the training facilities, equipment and conditions are appropriate to the training provision as indicated by . STAGESAFE and/or designated company representatives reserve the right to abandon/discontinue or rearrange the provision of training where such circumstances prevail that would affect the quality of the training provided. This includes the provision of faulty equipment and plant without relevant test certificates. In the event of cancellations or re-organisation, the Client is responsible for the costs incurred.

STAGESAFE reserves the right to make changes to programmes, training, dates, venues and fees at any time as necessary. STAGESAFE will endeavour to provide a specific trainer for part or all the period of the course but this cannot be guaranteed whether for all or part of the period of the course.

STAGESAFE accepts no liability for loss where caused by its own negligence. Such loss shall be limited to the contract value and STAGESAFE will not be liable for further or consequential loss caused.


All bookings are made on a “first come, first served” basis. Booking are not normally accepted without full payment but if a booking is accepted verbally or by email then this booking will be considered to be a firm contract and full payment will be payable by return.

All courses must be paid for in advance, as is normal procedure with all training courses. Title and access to all goods and materials remains with STAGESAFE until full payment has been received. Payment and all required booking forms and enclosures must be received at least 7 working days before the course commencement date.

STAGESAFE understands and will exercise its statutory right to interest under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 if not paid according to agreed terms.

The standard daily rate for training courses is £400 per day and applies to all training courses and travel days (the exception to this is to PSA/SPA Safety Passport courses and Fire Safety courses that are all charged at the advertised rate). In addition, the instructors return road travel expenses (from Glastonbury, Somerset) are charged at 45p per mile and hotels, road tolls and parking are all charged at cost. All fees and expenses are subject to VAT at the current rate. Ownership to course content and presentation material remains copy write to STAGESAFE.