Health and Safety for Festivals and Events

We originally cut our teeth working festivals as a Production and Stage Management company before turning to event health and safety way back in the early 90s when far less than half a dozen other people were taking an interest in event safety, they were very much the pioneering days of event safety. 

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Our service for festivals and events includes:

  • site assessment;
  • the provision of all your health and safety documentation including a bespoke Event Safety Management Plan and Health, risk assessments and Safety Policy as well as the required CDM documentation for your event;
  • coordination of the application for a license (as required by the Licensing Act 2003); 
  • pre-procurement questionnaires and assessments of contractors health and safety competence prior to them being appointed, (this includes checks of their insurance cover); 
  • establishing the event health and safety file;  
  • assisting you to implement the Event Safety Plan, Policy and risk assessments;
  • attending the safety advisory group (SAG) meetings;
  • monitoring the effectiveness of the safety management system and plan by having a presence on site during the build, breakdown and the event its-self;
  • assistance with contractor management; 
  • advise on First Aid, fire safety, stewarding and crowd management;  
  • accident reporting and accident investigation;
  • advice and guidance on all matters relating to safety;
  • being part of the Emergency Liason Team (ELT).

Where ever possible the Event Safety Plan and H&S Policy is written in a pragmatic style as opposed to being regulatory and prescriptive, this makes it easier to read and more acceptable.

We can take a horse to water, I'm sure you know the rest of this saying but its very true, it has to be down to you to implement the Safety Plan and Policy with our help, you will be wasting everyone's time if you don't implement the documents we produce for you and, like it or not, that means you are not legally compliant and the event may not be at all safe.  

In the first instance please contact Chris on 07831 437062 so we can discuss your needs.

We will then send you full instructions and a simple questionnaire to complete and return to us so we have some of the information we need to produce a Safety Management Plan and Health and Safety Policy for your event and so that we can fully assist you. Our fees and costs are based on our daily rates so we need to establish exactly how many days in total are required before we can provide a final quote. 

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