Fees for Services

At Stagesafe we are open, up-front and believe in helping potential clients fully understand exactly where they stand before making an informed decision. This not only gives you financial control over budgets but also allows you to plan costs for your business. And it does not stop there, we figure this will save you a great deal of time comparing costs with other health and safety service providers.

We believe in keeping costs low by not having high overheads such as expensive offices or producing brochures and price lists etc. we would rather spend your money where it counts than waste it.

It is hard to give exact costs on a website because every event, tour or business has requirements that are unique to them, so we’ve tried to give some guidance on the costs for our most popular services below.

Stagesafe Competent Person Package

Every employer is required under law to appoint a Competent Person (or Competent Persons) to assist them to meet their legal health and safety obligations. This is a requirement under the Management of Health & safety regulations 1999. This means an employer must appoint someone competent to provide sound advice on all matters of health and safety.

Within the UK it is a mandatory legal duty to appoint a competent person or persons. An employer who has not made an appointment of a suitable person to fulfil the role is in breach of a statutory duty under health and safety legislation and therefore becomes liable to criminal prosecution.

The appointed Competent Person may be an internal appointment supported by external expertise or an external appointment. In either case, as a professional health and safety, consultant, we can provide a competent person package so that you are able to meet this most fundamental obligation

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A person shall be regarded as occupationally competent where he or she has sufficient training, qualification and experience of their role to meet the national occupational standards relevant to the tasks within their identified role.

This includes knowing the limits of personal knowledge, skills and experience.


With the Stagesafe, Competent Person Package, the employer appoints STAGESAFE to act as their competent person.

This may be a very suitable option for small businesses who do not have the resources, or who do not have someone sufficient competent in health and safety, to make an internal appointment.

You will be able to name your competent Chartered Health and Safety Practitioner for your organisation's accreditation's and to satisfy the requirements of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999.

The basic package entitles you to ongoing access via email or telephone for competent health and safety advice and support at any time (normally within office hours but the cover is available for events)  from a dedicated Chartered Health and Safety Professional. Please send a written order together with your contact name, company name, address (for invoicing) and a phone number. Once payment is complete a letter of appointment will be emailed to you. 

At only £15 per month*, this is a must-have requirement for any business. This package is automatically included when Stagesafe provides a full health and safety service.

Call or email Stagesafe today and get this essential service.

Call 07831 437062 or click here to contact us. 

Subject to a minimum one year contract. (Terms and Conditions apply).

Initial Review

We advise an initial review of your organisations Health and Safety Policy, Risk Assessments and Management Systems and procedures, this will usually mean a visit to your premises for an inspection and to discuss your needs, this is done after we have reviewed your documentation (if any). The cost of a review is £375 plus travel disbursements.  

Additional Services 

Any additional services required such as attending meetings etc are charged at our day rate, this is between £350 and £400 per day (dependant on the amount of work offered), the more work, the cheaper it is!  A half day rate is £200. We also do hourly and half hour rates if required. 

Workplace Safety Inspections and Audits 

We will identify not only what is working, but what is not and advise on what you need to do to be compliant. Unless all aspects of health and safety are effectively monitored and measured as one weak area could drag the whole lot down. Do yourself a favour and get your Health and Safety checked – benefit from a thorough Workplace Safety Audits and Workplace Inspections which aim to identify how well you are complying with Workplace Health and Safety Rules and Regulations and Industry best practice. Safety audits are a fundamental check of your business going beyond safety inspections to include an assessment of your safety policy, risk assessments, training and all aspects of how safety is managed in your business. These are charged at our daily rate plus travel disbursements.

Festival, Event or Concert Services

We offer a bespoke package for festivals, concerts and event, please click here for full details. This is based on daily rates as it is impossible to know in advance the number of meetings, days required on site or the details required from vendors, concessions etc. We start with the initial site visit followed by a discussion about what is required etc. and progress from there. 

Tour Services 

We offer a bespoke package for touring productions, please click here for full details, the costs are £2000 for all the initial work, document preparation, contractor health and safety competency assessments and then the daily rate (plus travel disbursements) for attending production rehearsals and any shows for monitoring purposes. The rate of £350 per day is charged for being on the road with the touring production if required.  

Stagesafe Health and Safety Development Programme for Hire Companies.

This again has to be based on our daily rate depending on the type of service provided, the size of the business, the number of staff etc. Give us a call on 07831 437062 for an informal chat so we can advise you better.

if you can do it cheaper? image.

Of course, there is always somebody who will do it cheaper!

This is certainly very true in the event safety business, the world and his wife are not event safety consultants, they are unlikely to be fully qualified or have the necessary experience to provide the right results for your business and this could turn into a very expensive mistake, especially if your cheap consultant or advisor is also uninsured!

We set our fees clearly here, your local supermarket does not lower prices when requested by customers and neither do we.

When costs are cut something has to give way and that is usually quality, safety standards can't be cut or lowered! 

Our Price Promise

We will always endeavour to match or beat any "like for like" quote from an equally qualified safety advisor. Just send us an original copy of the best quote you have received and we will do our best to match or beat it. Please note that is not our policy to produce brochures or price lists as every client has different requirements. Prices are by quotation or daily rate where (as is often the case) it is not possible to provide a quote as we cannot calculate in advance how much time the project or job will require. 

Terms and Conditions

All our work is subject to our normal Terms and Conditions as published on this web site. The placing of an order or the acceptance of a quote or published price is deemed as acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.  

All prices quoted or published are exclusive of VAT. 

Full details of Stagesafe's Professional Indemnity Insurance, all of Chris Hannam's qualifications and training together with his CV are here.

Testimonials from clients are also published here!