Health and Safety Management in the Live Music and Events Industry 

                        (Entertainment Technology Press 2009)   

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A review by John Paul Greenock 

In 2003, when I first started researching and writing about the live event industry, I was startled to find only a few text books that focused effectively, in any depth, on health and safety management for the live production industry. In 2009, I am pleased to have re-discovered the best of these publications by a long way, ‘Health and Safety Management in the Live Music and Events Industry’, by one of the world’s leading industry experts, Chris Hannam from Stagesafe, as the eagerly awaited second edition is published.

Over a decade since the Event Safety Guide (a.k.a. the Purple Guide or Pop Code) and endless discussions by the various trade bodies and conferences, we still as an industry seem to deal with health and safety management in an almost haphazard fashion. Consequently, as almost always happens, we wait for incidents to occur before we change things (reactive as opposed to pro-active). 

Self-regulation has always been a real issue and unfortunately this year we have two senior production personnel in court on H&S charges. We therefore all need to fully understand our obligations under the Law and how to manage people and systems, to maximise safety for everyone, both back of house and front. There is a real problem with generically trained H&S personnel; event safety managers who do not have the correct mix of knowledge, experience and training; and event licensing or live production personnel who fall short in their responsibilities and skill set, when dealing with safety measures.

Chris Hannam’s book is therefore an essential text for anyone that works within the live production industry and should be the standard guide for promotion via our trade bodies. It dovetails effortlessly into the Purple Guide and sits effectively alongside the long awaited Safety Passport Scheme run under the Production Services Association. Chris is a leading provider of the scheme in the UK; he initially introduced the idea of Safety Passports to the PSA, and subsequently developed the course as part of a safety passport working group.

With well thought out and easy to understand sections on Risk Assessment and Safety Method Statements, Effective Health and Safety Policy, Selection of Personnel, Crowd Management, Communications, Performance Management, Environmental Safety to name but a few, as well as comprehensive chapters on all of the legal frameworks for Machinery, Fire Safety, Work Equipment, Employers Liability, Occupiers Liability, Accident Reporting and RIDDOR, PPE, Working at Height, LOLER, Special Effects, Temporary Structures, First Aid, Traffic Management, COSHH, Working Time Regulations and many more, this text covers all of the HSE and non-HSE publications in a well-managed and logical handbook. 

I thoroughly recommend Chris Hannam’s book, ‘Health and Safety Management in the Live Music and Events Industry’   

ISBN 978 1904031 30 7

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          (Entertainment Technology Press 2015)                     

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A review by Rose Durbin and Johnny Haskett

Chris Hannam has provided us with a comprehensive and accessible guide to health and safety in the live entertainment and technical event industries. This book is designed to accompany the various Safety Passport schemes and to help candidates gain a clear understanding of what is an issue of critical importance to an ever-changing profession.

As more and more young people are entering the industry from colleges and universities, it is imperative that publications such as this one are readily available to both students and seasoned professionals. It is high time that educational establishments and those in the private sector who run courses associated with the entertainment industries realize the importance of embedding best practice into their curriculum content.

This book will surely go a long way to encourage that, as it is pertinent to the various circumstances in which people entering the industry could find themselves. The author’s expertise in the subject is clearly demonstrated in this publication and this guide will provide invaluable direction to anyone who engages with its content. As the introduction to this book sadly states, we seem to be lead to believe by the press etc. that “Health and Safety” is a set of outrageous rules designed to hinder our working life and get people out of lawsuits.

What this book clearly and concisely points out is that not only are these regulations common sense but are necessary to maintain a safe working environment. It is great that a book has finally been aimed at the music and events industry, and makes us aware that even in the smallest of working environments (small clubs and the like) that we are all obliged to think and act seriously with safety in mind.

As it is still an industry that doesn’t seem to require any formal training at all levels, it is increasingly important that we all take our responsibilities seriously to maintain a risk free environment for ourselves and our colleagues to work in.

ISBN 987 1 904031 80 2

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(Production Services Association 1997) 

Chris Hannam's first book published by the Production Services Association. As the title suggests, this book was an introduction to health and safety at a time when hardly anyone in the industry knew anything about health and safety, and when nobody wore a helmet, safety boots or high visibilty clothing and riggers and those who worked at height certainly did not use harnesess and fall arrest equipment. How times have changed and we are slowly dveloping a safety culture within the industry and this book is were most of it started.




ISBN 0 9530914 0 6

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(Entertainment Technology Press 2015) 

Two books in one: Health and Safety Management for Tour and Production Managers is designed to give simple, basic health and safety information to new bands on their first gigs and tours, working in clubs and small venues.

Artists, tour, stage and production managers, crew chiefs, heads of department, supervisors or line managers working on small gigs and tours of clubs etc. will also find this book of use and has been designed as a follow on from Health And Safety in the Live Music and Event Technical Production Industry. It will also be of use to local crew companies, especially their crew chiefs and managers. 

The second book is Self-Employment in the Live Music and Events Industry,
A Guide for the Self-Employed and those who use the services of the Self-Employed. 

ISBN 978-1-90403-186-4

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