A very brief introduction to the Guidance.

The following pages of Guidance are mainly designed to help clients and potential clients have an overview of some of the main health and safety regulations and the hazards we come across on a regular basis in the live music and events industry. They are not designed to give full instructions on how to comply with each regulation. They really only touch the surface of what is involved in the whole process of obtaining a Licence under the Licensing Act 2003 from a Local Authority for “regulated entertainment” and administrating and discharging your legal duties under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 and subsequent underpinning regulations that are set to protect both the event staff, Artists, contractors, traders and visitors to your event. It is certainly not an exhaustive list of guidance and Stagesafe will help you to uphold all of this and more, to protect you, your event and your visitors.

The guide to choosing a safety consultant gives important independant information not just abuot selecting the right safety advisor but how to work with them so you get the best value for money and the bests results, its essentail reading. 

The introduction to health and safety basics and documentation is for companies and organisations who are just getting to grips with health and safety, this also forms part of the Health and Safety Development Programme but is a basic guide for all.

Finally, slececting and managing contractors is the methodology for contractor management and selection, you are responsible for the contractors, they must be competent, we show you how to select them and manage H&S law expects. This is part of health and safety basics for both, promoters, event organisers and companies working in any industry. 

There are now a lot of very competent people about who have training and experience but who have trouble obtaining work, this is because there are also employers who are not competent enough to know and understand they need to employ competent people and they don't really know, care or understand who is actually competent and how to select and employ them! Employers also need training in selecting the right staff. 

There are also those who know they should employ competent persons but don’t as they wrongly consider it’s cheaper to employ those who are far less competent.